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moffit1x2x1: d00d moffit1x2x1: Ryoma still has amnesia. amsdia:… - :0 we are at it again~ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
tyrp for lyfe :0

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[Sep. 4th, 2005|05:29 am]
tyrp for lyfe :0



moffit1x2x1: d00d
moffit1x2x1: Ryoma still has amnesia.
amsdia: ... i almost forgot.
amsdia: *laughs*
moffit1x2x1: XD XD
amsdia: where did we stop with that?
moffit1x2x1: lemme chack
amsdia: sure. =D
moffit1x2x1: ..check.
amsdia: chack makes me think chacko makes me slam my head repeatedly on the desk. hard.
amsdia: sorry. lit. >_<
moffit1x2x1: we finished the last log actually
moffit1x2x1: with the pregnancy center and the accident itself
moffit1x2x1: and posted
moffit1x2x1: and that's it
amsdia: and that's it?
amsdia: aww
moffit1x2x1: with Nanji, anyway
amsdia: we need more father-son bonding
moffit1x2x1: yus :X
amsdia: >D
moffit1x2x1: Nanji: *drags Ryoma back to the gynecologist* Fix him.
amsdia: *slaps self* wait, wait. i'm not ryoma. stop distracting me, you.
amsdia: Ryoma: ... Who's he? Why am I in a pregnancy centre? *looks at Nanji strangely* You're sure you're my dad and not some pervert?
moffit1x2x1: XDDD
amsdia: [who's to say he can't be both, ryo...]
moffit1x2x1: Nanji: Nevermind that...Eheheh..
amsdia: Ryoma: Never mind... what? The fact that I'm in a pregnancy centre, or the fact that you're maybe a pervert? Oh god, my dad's a pervert. Can I claim I don't know you? Wait - I don't... ack, confused now.
moffit1x2x1: Nanji: You're in a pregnancy center because this is the only doctor I know to take you to.
Morieiji: Would you mind bending over? *pulls on a glove with a snap*
amsdia: Ryoma: *backs away* Yes, I would mind very greatly indeed. Are you both perverts?!
moffit1x2x1: Nanji: Huh, would have thought you'd remember having had his hand up there from last time...
amsdia: Ryoma: I can't remember anything, re - whatthehelldidyoujustsay?! *runs for door*
moffit1x2x1: XDDDD
amsdia: poor bewildered Ryo-chu...
moffit1x2x1: Morieiji: *blinks and holds up some lube, then calls after Ryoma* I suppose I don't need this, then?
moffit1x2x1: Nanji: Nah, how about some of this? *tosses some AppleBerry Sparkle gel at Ryoma*
amsdia: Ryoma: *is vaguely traumatised* Are you trying to get me to run in a blind panic across the street and get knocked down again, oyaji?!
moffit1x2x1: Nanji: *scratches his armpit* Damn, and that blue-haired kid swore that one would spark something.
amsdia: Ryoma: What blue-haired kid? ;_;
moffit1x2x1: Nanji: The one you gave a card for this office to?
Morieiji: There seems to be a jump in male pregnancy lately...
amsdia: Ryoma: I... gave a card to... who now? And m-m-m-male - wait, why did you bring me here in the first place? *suspicious now*
moffit1x2x1: Nanji: *blinks* I think it was to traumatize you.
Morieiji: *helpfully* The babies liked you.
amsdia: Ryoma: So you really were out just to traumatise me after all? What kind of a father are you? *indignant*
moffit1x2x1: Nanji: Well, you did need a shot for school I think. I was *trying* to help.
amsdia: Ryoma: So you just took the opportunity to traumatise me along the way. >_> *flops back in a chair* What shot did I need anyway?
moffit1x2x1: Morieiji: ...you know I don't think we ever got past the part where I checked you for hernias...
amsdia: Ryoma: Herni...
moffit1x2x1: Morieiji: I can always give you that shot now, if you'd like... Get a jump on all the kids at school and all..
Nanji: Nah, I think we'll wait until next year like everyone else
amsdia: Ryoma: ......... ._____.
amsdia: [i think you broke him...]
moffit1x2x1: aww
amsdia: XD
moffit1x2x1: ...that is so going up in the ooc comm.
amsdia: if you insist. *is amused*
amsdia: at least now i have an excuse for ooc!ryoma
moffit1x2x1: *cackle*