Sorry to do this, but I'm dropping out of the RP. With college coming up next year, and real life at present, I just don't have the time to put as much effort into RP anymore. Love all of you guys, and I had a great time while it lasted.

New 'Tobe

Dear RP Group,


New Atobe here. (Journal at hyotei_paragon)

Got seduced here.

You can call me Vivi.

Prod me online at KeigoK or RondoofBlood if you see me on for logging.

Delighted to be here and thanks for having me.

Ore-sama is expecting presents.


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Welcome, one and all, to TYRP's Christmas log 2005.

The premise is as follows: Tezuka, in an attempt to jog Echizen's failed memory, has decided to invite a few familiar faces to Seigaku for Christmas. But you know how it always goes; someone gets invited, tells someone else, who tells another person, and now the whole world knows about the party! ^_^

This will again be LJ-based, so go forth and comment. I don't know if we will ever reach a conclusion, but who cares? XD I left it unlocked because I know many of you [like me] don't really use your character journals. And anyway it's more interesting to have everyone be able to see this.

Have fun and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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With effect from a couple of months ago, Eiji and I will be going on hiatus and will be back when this RP revives itself again.

Not that it matters of course, this is just so that I feel a little less guilty. D:
PoT - Ohtori - HellzYeah I'm hot.

. . .

I found it~ it's a log from awhile ago. It amuses me. so I post it here unfinished, not really edited outside of cutting our OOC chat. (which I should put somewhere else - it's funny.) starring: Jiroh, Shishido, Ohtori, Oshtari. ♥

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And what are the recurring themes? :D Human-style pile ups and Shishido's toes!
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I was going to post a message here but I found out I was apparently not a member of TYRP anymore. So... I joined again to post this but I'll be leaving after that.

I know I've been a terrible Ryoma/Kaidoh-player. I'm never online and I'm just way too shy about poking any of you for RPs, besides the people I know [read: Bern]. I haven't been doing the boys any justice whatsoever, and frankly I think they're completely OOC and badly written.

So, and I'm sure you saw this coming, I'm giving them up.

I noticed a couple of posts down, Nori wanted those who were still RPing to say they were. Obviously, I only just saw that, so I don't know if I still have the boys in the first place or not, but in any case I'm just officially handing them over to you. Drop a comment in my journal [amsdia] if someone wants their old journals, and I'll give you the password. Or you could create a new journal, anything's fine by me.

I'm sorry I've been neglecting them. Hopefully whoever picks them up gives them more love. Especially since Kaidoh's now buchou of Seigaku [to which I go wtf.]

Love you all!
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