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tyrp for lyfe :0

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. . . [Sep. 7th, 2005|10:40 am]
tyrp for lyfe :0


[mood |ditzyditzy]

I found it~ it's a log from awhile ago. It amuses me. so I post it here unfinished, not really edited outside of cutting our OOC chat. (which I should put somewhere else - it's funny.) starring: Jiroh, Shishido, Ohtori, Oshtari. ♥

Amber eyes suddenly grew wide filling with a most pitiful light when all he heard was a grunt and a grumbled sound that resembled, "Go away!" which of course just won't do.

No, oh no. It wouldn't do at all. Nodding to himself, the sleepless sleeper turns his attention fully on his teammate's bed partner and screeches, "TORIIIIIIIICHUUUUuuuUUCHuuuUu!"

Right in his ear no less.

"Shishido-san's ignoring me!"

Ohtori's eyes opened isntantly, a wild grab made for whatever was closest to prevent him falling off the bed entirely. "Wh - who what whywhere?" Jiroh? Blinkblink. "What time is it?"

Lifting his face off the pillow and mumbling incoherently, Shishido flopped over onto his back and pulled the covers over his head. Just.. God. What the hell was all the noise about, dammit? Curling up into a ball and clinging far tighter than he should on the blankets to prevent anyone at all from tugging it off him, Shishido went right back to sleep.

Jiroh giving his kouhai an exsaperated look scrunches up his nose. Annoyed, he wibbles out a whine, look swiftly changing to one of "Do you really think I know that?" Oh, and what's this? Shishido-san wants to play hide-and-seek? He grins impishly, grabs a hold of the blankets hiding a still sleeping teammate away and gives a mighty tug. "OI!!! Shishido-saaaaan, I found you!"

It's his turn to hide... Right? But that didn't look like a waking up Shishido... He was still sleeping wasn't he?

Scrambling out of harms way, which - judging by the situation he just woke up to - might have to be another room altogether, Ohtori murmurs something unintelligable and clings closer to the wall. "Jiroh senpai I...wouldn't do that if I were you."

Nope. Scary morning Ryou wasn't fun at all. Even so, he reaches out with a foot to prod Shishido in the side. "We have company."

A low growl and a feeble shrug of shoulders later, Shishido gives up and scrunches his eyes shut, hoping that Jiroh -- most likely -- would get bored or something and pounce on Choutarou instead. "... Leave me alone."

The prod in his side only served to make him curl up tighter. Really. This was getting ridiculous. Can't a guy get any sleep around here?

Fine then! Golden eyes narrow on the stubborn boy curled into a ball. He isn't losing! Jiroh never loses.. well, except that one time, and then there was that time. But still!

And since he's not losing, he ignores Ohtori in favor of bouncing onto the bed, across the mattress and right onto Shishido, where he plops down on the ball of humanity butt first.

Oh, oh... bouncing of course commences

Ohtori squeaks in alarm and promptly gets up off the bed.

But first, he grabs a handful of covers and pulls, dragging both bouncer and bouncee right to the edge of the matress.

If hell was going to break lose, at least he would have some sort of measure to control any bodily harm by tossing them both on the floor. Yes, that logic worked in his sleep clouded brain.

Jiroh reaches out, catching Ohtori's wrist as they're pulled across the bed.

He screeches, and whines about Ohtori being a traitor to the institue of wakefulness, and isn't he supposed to be the one who refuses to wake up, and not Shishido-san?

Giving a good hard tug to pull the younger boy back to the bed and right smackdab onto his lap. Dog Pile! Only, too bad they were all teetering on the very edge of the bed thanks to Ohtori.

Okay. Waaay too much activity in the land of wakefullness. Shishido bolts awake and gasps in shock as Jiroh's behind manages to land squarely on his ribs. And it stays there. "--Oi!" He grouses, mildly alarmed and mostly annoyed that he is still trapped within the confines of his fluffyfluffycomfortable blanket and can't reach out to strangle Jiroh. He loved the guy and all, but mornings were sacred and -- OOF.

Added weight? What the hell? And why were they sliding off the bed? .... Whaaaat?

This...isn't exactly what he planned to wake up to this morning. Ohtori squirms and quickly gets to his feet again, not wishing to squish the other two flat.

"What'd you say?" Jiroh asks, completely ignoring the fact that he and his captive were on their way to the floor. "Torichuuu!!!" Grabbygrabs for with determined hands. If he's going down then so was Ohtori. {Let's all forget Shishido's already on a crash course straight for the floor}

Arms extending as far as they can reach, Shishido trashes wildly the moment he realises that he and Jiroh's butt -- along with its owner -- are milleseconds away from being relocated. Quite painfully too, come to think of it.

"Shit! Get off me, Jiroh we're going to -- OW!"

... Nice. The shorter boy seemed to have cushioned his fall.

Jiroh squirms, thrashing and writhing around under his two friends, eyeing the third when he clears his head out from under the pile of flailing limbs. "....." This isn't right!

Yuushi should join in the fun, shouldn't he? Of course he should. So thinking, the coniving sleeper who noone ever suspects of being sneaky, reaches out snagging an ankle belonging to said teammate and giving a mighty pull.

Groaning, Ohtori just lay there in a daze for a moment. So much for plan B. Jiroh has a damn scary grip when he puts his mind to it. "Ryou. Your foot. I love you and all, but being castrated by your toes wasn't on my agenda for today."

Yuushi had just come into the room looking for someone to entertain him, because it was a boring day with no work and no training and no Gakuto. He certainly didn't expect the sharp tug on his ankle... and the fall into the pile of teammates. And oh no was that Ryou-chan's foot? Not again...

Shishido would have wriggled out of the pile a long time ago, if not the the thrice-bedamned blanket still over his head and his limbs all hopelessly entangled. -- resolutely working his way out of the little mess on the ground, he pokes his head out of the suicidal little cocoon he created earlier and blinks myopically in the overly-bright daylight. "... God, this is nuts. And what the hell are you doing here, Yuushi?"

Gasp! Hack! Cough! "ToR..iii," Jiroh let go of the ankle he was holding, shoving at his kouhai seconds later. "You're squishing me!!!" Off! Off! Off- right onto Yuushi

Or at least heading his way.

"Being squashed, apparently," Yuushi answered Shishido with some difficulty, because there was six feet of silver-haired junior on top of him. Great. The last time he ended up in a compromising position with Tori-kun, Shishido had shoved a toe up his nose. Yuushi had no wish to repeat that incident.

Whimpering, Ohtori found himself nose to nose on top of Oshitari. Okaaaay. Seriously. Has Jiroh been lifting weights? "Er- Hi." Maybe if he was very still, nothing else would be pushed, proded, or shoved into or onto anyone else.

Noooooooo! Making a teeny tiny little leap off Jiroh and pouncing onto Choutarou, all flailing arms and trailing sheets, Shishido abandoned the squishy little cushion that was the smaller player for his boyfriend.

Taking a breath, Jiroh thanked God that he could finally move again. His relief was short lived, however, when he noticed he was being abandoned for a bigger fish. "...."

Sure, fine.

Forget about the little guy.

Ohtori winces, nose colliding awkwardly with Oshitari's cheek and protruding joints prodding where they really shouldn't be. He felt like insides of a sandwich here. "Ryouuuuu...a little to the left if you really want to?"

And wait - Jiroh.Where was he? And more importantly, WHY was he actuallyawake at this hour, and - "Jiroh senpai, did you need something or...?"

".. If I want to.. what?" Grinning at the pleasing turn of events, Shishido frees his hand with some difficulty, conveniently elbowing Yuushi while doing so. Tennis gave him good reach, that's for sure.

Sliding up the length of Choutarou's back and peering at Yuushi over the the junior's shoulder, Shishido pokes at the round glasses. "Hello, Yuushi."

He smiles a languid little smile as he licks the back of Ohtori's neck, hand still repeatedly prodding at Yuushi.

Yuushi gave his best friend a flat look over said best friend's boyfriend's shoulder. "Hello. Get off. I don't need D1 humping on top of me." From a safe distance, he didn't mind, but not on top of him.

One hand twists its way out from between him and Tori-kun's bodies, and grabs at Shishido's hair. "Stop that, damn it." His glasses were smudged now. Stupid Shishido.

Meanwhile, a very quiet and still not so sleepy sleeper sneaks out of the room, hesitating when he thinks his name was called. Na, was just his imagination. Had to be since it looks like Shishido was all set to molest Ohtori with Oshitari as a witness no less.

Ohtori, while bitting on his lip (that. was SO not fair. He was only joking about his previous remark, really!) , twists his left arm - just enough to reach back and around Shishido's waist. Trying to maneuver them both off of Oshitari was proving rather difficult.

At least Gakuto wasn't here to take pictures. "Eh!? Jiroh senpai come back!"

Shishido completely relaxes in Chotuarou's hold, not particularly willing to give up his convenient little spot. He was having way too much fun to relinquish his prodding-powar just yet.

"Murrrghh, Choutarou.." He whines, soft and insistent against the boy's ear before twisting his head to bite down on Yuushi's arm. Hard. That'll teach him to pull at his hair. >F

Yuushi sits up, doubles-pair and all, with a yell. The other two boys tumble off him in a heap of D1 lovey-dovey-ness, and Yuushi rubs at his arm desolately. Bloody hell. That's gonna leave a mark, and not even a good one.

"Eh?" Jiroh pops his head back in the door, body already vanished beyond it. "Whyfore, Torichu?" >.> He's finished with his job- bringing chaos to Shishido's lazy morning. Mainly, he thinks as he peers at the boys in the floor. Because if he can't sleep, no one can. ^__^

And what are the recurring themes? :D Human-style pile ups and Shishido's toes!