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[CHRISTMAS LOG 2005] - :0 we are at it again~ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
tyrp for lyfe :0

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[CHRISTMAS LOG 2005] [Dec. 5th, 2005|10:18 pm]
tyrp for lyfe :0


Welcome, one and all, to TYRP's Christmas log 2005.

The premise is as follows: Tezuka, in an attempt to jog Echizen's failed memory, has decided to invite a few familiar faces to Seigaku for Christmas. But you know how it always goes; someone gets invited, tells someone else, who tells another person, and now the whole world knows about the party! ^_^

This will again be LJ-based, so go forth and comment. I don't know if we will ever reach a conclusion, but who cares? XD I left it unlocked because I know many of you [like me] don't really use your character journals. And anyway it's more interesting to have everyone be able to see this.

Have fun and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


Tezuka eyed the pile of invitations on the desk and frowned, then took his glasses off and leaned his head backwards...

Only to have Inui's head float upside-down in his field of vision.

"Hello," deadpanned the other bespectacled boy. "I come to claim my own invitation so as to save you the trouble of looking for me."

Wordlessly, Tezuka straightened, sifted through the Seigaku pile, and handed Inui the envelope with his name on it.